O'Malley Brothers INC. Fine Guns

Krieghoff Drilling Trumpf Primus Dural.16gax16ga. / 7x65R. Very good to excellent some thinning on bluing of barrels. L.O.P. 14 1/8 " Barrels 23.5" 
Weight 6lbs 0 oz SOLD
Gebr. Adamy 16/6.5 X 57R. With Schmidt & Bender 1.5-6x42 scope. excellent condition.  L.O.P. 14 1/4" Barrels 21 3/4" Weight 7lbs 8oz SOLD
Brno Arms model zh306. 5.6x50r mag./12ga.L.O.P. 14.75" Barrels 23.5"
condition is good.SOLD
Savage model 24 .22/.410 L.O.P. 13.75 Barrels 24" condition is fair to goodSOLD

J.P. Sauer Drilling 16ga.x16ga. /9.3x72?. L.O.P. 14" Barrels 26.75" condition is good for age. SOLD

German guild drillings. 16gax16ga./9.3x72R L.O.P. 12.75" Barrels 28.25" condition is good to very good for age. SOLD
Savage model 24E -DL .22lr/20ga. L.O.P. 14.5" Barrels 24" condition is good to very good. slight bluge in rifle barrel.SOLD
German guild drillings 16ga.x16ga. /8mm? L.O.P. 14" Barrels 27" Condition is good. 
Valmet model 412 12ga./.308 and a extra set of 12ga. skeet barrels. L.O.P. 13.25 on single selective trigger. Barrels combo are 23.5" and skeet barrels 26". condition is good. SOLD
Krieghoff Drilling Waldschutz Dural 16ga.x16ga./ 7x57R Very good codition. L.O.P. 14.75 Barrels 25"
Krieghoff (Sempert & Krieghoff)  drilling Trumpf 16gax16ga/7.9x57 good to very good condition for age. L.O.P. 15" Barrels 23.5" 
​Chapuis 20ga.x7.65R L.O.P. 14.75" barrels 23.5" condition is excellent. SOLD
​Merkel Drillings 16ga.x16ga./.22 hornet. L.O.P. 14.25" Barrels 27"
condition is execlent for age. SOLD
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